Hair Extensions Fort Wayne, Indiana

If you need Hair Extensions in Fort Wayne, Indiana, I will have your hair looking fabulous in no time.

Extensions–Looking for length or wanting to add thickness to your existing style? Look no further!  Babe Extensions are 100% human hair that can be colored, shampooed, & styled as natural hair.


Get a more glamorous look by adding length, volume, and fullness! Babe extensions are are high quality, 100% human hair and our tape-in application is secure & easy! Depending on amount of desired hair, extension insertion time is generally 1-2 hours.

Thanks to Babe hair creators, the hair strips are thinner & shorter than your average extensions, making it easier and more comfortable to fill in areas of hair that require more attention (aka the weaker sides of the head) to ensure no visibility! Babe hair comes in all different shades and colors, including bright, florescent colors if you’re feeling a little sassy!;)

Imagine being able to add a multi-dimensional look without damaging your real hair, or enhance existing hair, the options are endless! Trying to grow your hair out? Extensions are a great way to make the time go by!  How about adding the fullness you’ve always desired to your special updo or style on your wedding day, or even a special event? Babe hair is reusable up to 3 cycles of 6-8 week increments, if cared for properly, ultimately saving you money on hair cost!

Clip-in extensions may be cheaper but the continuous stress of heavy clips in the same spots lead to balding in stressed areas, especially if slept in. All babe hair extension users must be certified & trained in order to purchase the hair, therefore giving you the safest & healthiest insertion of extensions for your hair.

No heat, glue, or chemicals equals no mess or damage to your hair! All new clients receive a Babe Hair Extensions take home kit at no additional charge! Your kit includes: a Boar-bristled extension brush, dry shampoo, client care card, and a travel tote. All clients receive a free consultation when deciding to use hair extensions.

You are charged hourly for insertion but will receive free removal if re-inserting again that same day/appointment! Hair density & texture will depict the number of packs needed.

Before you decide to go have hair extensions added, you want to make sure to understand the following:

1.) Do not shampoo for 24 hrs after insertion

2.) You should only use a professional brand of sulfate free shampoo to prevent loosening of tracks

3.) Avoid using oils, conditioners, or volumizing products on scalp or near tracks, focus on hair shaft

4.) Braid your hair at night or going to sleep with wet hair or messy buns to prevent severe knotting, ultimately ending up in damage to extensions

5.) Avoid salt water/chlorine or shampoo quickly after exposure

6.) Use a heat protectant to protect your hair and your extension hair from heat damage

7.) Avoid excess wind aka boating, motor cycles, etc, to avoid severe knotting. If engaging in these types of activities, secure hair into a braid.

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